• Create a new Taxable Person
On successful login, the Taxable Person list screen will be displayed. You can see a list of the Taxable Person linked to your profile on EmaraTax. In case the Taxable Person is not linked to the profile, the list will be empty and hence you need to create a new Taxable Person.
To create a new Taxable Person,
Enter the relevant details and click Create.
The new Taxable Person is now shown in the list.
Select the Taxable Person from the list. Click View to open the dashboard.
• Managing EmaraTax Dashboard (Guidelines & Instructions)
Click Register on the VAT tile in the Taxable Person dashboard to enact the VAT registration application.
The Guidelines & Instructions page enables you to understand certain requirements concerning VAT registration in the UAE. This page also guides on the information you need to have in hand for completing VAT registration.
Click Start to commence the VAT registration application.