• How To Add Entity Details
The application has various sections dealing with different aspects of the registration process. The progress bar depicts the number of sections required to complete the application. The current section is highlighted as blue and as you go into the next step the previous section is highlighted as green

To move from one section to another, all mandatory fields of the current section must be filled.
You must ensure that the documents submitted align with the information entered in the application. This helps you to avoid rejections or resubmissions of the application in the future.

From the list, select the Entity type of your business. You may note that the input fields in the section may differ according to the entity type selected. Here, you see the list of entity types in the application.

Click Save as Draft to save the application and return to continue with the application at your convenience.
Once you complete filling up the mandatory fields, click Next Step to save and proceed to the Identification Details section.