• How To Add Identification Details
Based on the Entity Type chosen you need to provide the main Trade License details in the Identification Details section.
Note: Trade License cannot be applicable for the following Entity types:
Natural Person- Partnership
Legal Person- Foreign Business
Legal Person- Federal UAE Govt. entity
Legal Person- Emirate UAE Govt. entity
Click Add Business Activities to add the relevant information on business activity concerned to the trade license.
Enter the mandatory information on business activity and click Add.
Make sure the information about the business activities is included. You can then see an activity code on the screen.
Click Add Owners to include all the owners associated with the trade license.
Add the mandatory owner information and click Add.
Choose Yes if your business has one or more branches and add the details of those branches. Enter the trade license details and associated business activities for each branch.
The VAT will be registered in the name of the head office meeting the required criteria. Registration would not be performed in the name of a Branch. Even though you may operate the branch in more than one Emirate, you need only one VAT registration. Once the mandatory details in the License form are complete, click Next Step to save and go to the Eligibility Details section.