Article 4: Natural Person

A Natural Person that meets any of the following requirements will be treated as a tax resident in the UAE:• If the Person’s usual or primary place of residence and the centre of his financial and personal interests are...

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As per the FTA, the Emara Tax platform will provide online access to 119 tax services in the UAE. This means Emara Tax offers 84 more services than being offered by the existing FTA portal. You can use the Emara Tax platform to access a wide range of tax services such as tax registration, tax deregistration, tax return filing, tax payments, tax refund etc. Tax agents in Dubai can offer further guidance on the services available on Emara Tax. How to Create an Account or Log into Emara Tax? Details of taxpayers will be migrated to the Emara Tax if they already have an account with the FTA. However, they will be required to reset their passwords while logging into the platform for the first time. Taxpayers who can log in to their existing FTA accounts and have access to their registered email account will receive an email that contains a detailed set of instructions to guide them through the password reset process. Taxable persons who can log in to their existing FTA account but cannot access their registered email accounts can reset their password using a different process. FTA will update you about the process soon. Those who do not have an FTA account can set up a new account on Emara Tax easily. Once you have an Emara Tax account, you can easily access the necessary FTA online services.

The FTA has instructed the taxpayers to keep submitting tax returns and making payments due as usual. The FTA will communicate any important updates regarding tax returns and payments through its social media channels, or email. Tax consultants in...

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