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SPANCOM Accounting & Bookkeeeping is a leading accounting firm in Dubai, which has committed its experience and skills to provide high quality professional services to the clients.We are committed to having integrity in our efforts and in our dedication to clients and all stakeholders.Providing an environment that continually fosters personal and professional growth of all our people.

The financial market scenario

We build and maintain relationships with a wide range of professional organizations. We believe that continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and networking are good not just for our professionals, but for the clients they serve. We also put significant effort into earning professional accreditation across a wide range of professional disciplines.


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Why Traders Choose Us

We are the experts in corporate accounting and company law.

Our auditing knowledge and experience in excess of 60 years has paved the way for our growth.

Return on Investments

ROI is the key in judging a business in terms of its efficient use of financial resources, earning per share (EPS) and many other parameters.

Tax Planning Services

Our firm is committed to providing you the best advice in tax planning because, by envisaging the impending expenditure, your financial planning will be complete.

Payroll Accounting

We are the pioneers in Payroll Accounting and our software package on accounting is widely used by more than 40% of our clients. We have an auditing FinApp as well.

Transparency is

the keyword in auditing.

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