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Bookkeeping is concerned with the recording of financial transactions where as accounting involve s recording, classifying, summarizing financial transactions. Our team of expert consultants can help you with your accounting and bookkeeping services. We offer quality oriented professional accounting and bookkeeping services across the Dubai – UAE.




Accounting is commonly known as the “language of business” accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business.


You need bookkeepers of course choose us. Don’t take the trouble and time to train or find one. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and is the part of the process of accounting in business.

VAT consultation

UAE imposes VAT on tax registered businesses at a rate of 5 % on a taxable supply of goods or service of each step of the supply chain.

VAT return filing

At the end of each tax period, VAT registered businesses submit a VAT return FTA.

TRN Registration

TRN(Tax Registration Number) is the identification number given to every person registered under UAE VAT.

TRN DeRegistration

If the business or a person stops making taxable supplies and does not expect to make any taxable supplies over the next twelve-month period,

Voluntary Disclosure

In UAE a voluntary Disclosure for VAT can be done through form
provided by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) which enables the tax
payers or omission in a previous Tax return.

Penalty Reconsideration

Reconsideration is the way to approach authority if you are not
satisfied with the penalty decision issued by the authority. The
authority appoints a represented member to review each application if
there is any additional documents and clarification required from the

Accounts outsourcing

Outsourcing accounting services is a business practice of having
the accounting function done outside the company rather than having
it done by the department. Outsourced accounting is a service that
provides a full accounting department experience especially for small

VAT refund claim

You must pay the full VAT inclusive price for the goods in the
shop. You will get the VAT refunded once you have complied with the
formalities and can show proof of export.

TRN Registration

TRN(Tax Registration Number) is the identification number given to every person registered under UAE VAT.

TRN Registration

TRN(Tax Registration Number) is the identification number given to every person registered under UAE VAT.


Auditing goes to the relationship of the numbers and unearths a pattern that tells a story!


As an entrepreneur, there are some business terms that you must never mix up an example is above.

When you partner with SPANCOM, you gain access to a huge team of qualified accountants and business experts, all whom have great experience and a thorough working knowledge of financial reporting and local tax compliance requirements. While the benifits of our accounting services are numerous, clients most notably remark on the postive imapcts on their performance and profitability.

Analyse numbers

We quickly get on with your books and numbers to identify the ratios and the correlation.

Identify the ratios

It is fascinating to identify ratios & dependencies according to the numbers provided.

Interpret the results

The most creative side of our job is to provide these actionable results that actually work.

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Business & Financial Services

We have dedicated professionals in our pay roles who offer financial, advisory as well as consulting advice.

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Tax Advisory Services

Our expertise in this area is legendary as we have established our presence in this segment as a reliable firm.

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Ready Reckoner App

In this complex world of financial accounting, you need a simple APP to calculate the future value of money.